I run small groups for busy parents in their homes. Together we create a space just to be, without any demands. We practise mindfulness, drink tea and discuss how to create more self nurture and space within their daily lives.

I didn’t know what to expect when I went along to Mary Lou’s sessions. The reasons why I went were stress, too many things to juggle and a feeling that life was rushing by at a break neck speed and I wasn’t even noticing it. To be honest I was hoping it wouldn’t require any effort, any special skills and to my relief it didn’t. Mary Lou is basically as goddess of calm. She gently shifts the focus on the way you look at things and yes, there are exercises to do but you don’t have to worry about doing them right or wrong. There is no wrong with mindfulness just accept it all and move on. Mary Lou’s sessions lasted way longer than the few hours a week, what she says stays in your head and what she does really helps. I would seriously recommend her.
— Louise Gannon -Journalist

Come and drink tea with us soon...


“Tea is an act complete in its simplicity.
When I drink tea, there is only me and the tea.
The rest of the world dissolves.
There are no worries about the future.
No dwelling on past mistakes.
Tea is simple: loose-leaf tea, hot pure water, a cup.
I inhale the scent, tiny delicate pieces of the tea floating above the cup.
I drink the tea, the essence of the leaves becoming a part of me.
I am informed by the tea, changed.
This is the act of life, in one pure moment, and in this act the truth of the world suddenly becomes revealed: all the complexity, pain, drama of life is a pretence, invented in our minds for no good purpose.
There is only the tea, and me, converging.”

Thich Nhat Hanh