I'm the 'inside' expert for an innovative children's charity called Inside Out which provides personal development  programmes for children ages 7-11yrs. We run magical days out for children where they experience the art of mindfulness, the wonder of nature and healing power of horses. See: www.theinsideout.org.uk


Mary Louise played a vital role in designing the first pilot day that
successfully launched INSIDE OUT. As our INSIDE expert, she
infused innovative ideas into a blend of fun mindfulness activities
for the children. Through her playful approach, story-telling and
props, she easily engaged them and created a relaxed
environment. She enabled them to gain practical ‘tools’ to explore
and express their inner worlds and to help themselves feel good
inside. Her ‘Check-Inside’ exercise where they learned how to ‘feel
the weather inside’ was a highlight of INSIDE OUT day.
— Stephanie Weissman Founder and CEO of INSIDE OUT