Despite more technologies aimed at connecting people, ideas, and information, people of all ages continue to experience greater and greater social and personal disconnection. Our body and mind can only keep up with so much. When overloaded, we may disconnect because it all feels like it is too much. When we are disconnected we are often numb, we check out and we’re detached. We go through the motions and are more inclined to get addicted to mindless use of technology.

The My Digital Mind course is a 4 session course aimed at pupils aged 14+. The course provides a place where teenagers can discuss their experiences with technology, both good and bad in a open and non judgmental environment. The course makes use of the latest research in neuroscience and focuses on the impact of technology on well-being, particularly on our brains, attention spans, and mental health. Content includes reclaiming the pauses in life, embracing boredom and practical strategies to reduce distraction and strengthen attention. Click here to download a flyer about one course that I have run twice for St Pauls Boys School.